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Located in the Cha-Am Beach resort, Thailand, Bear House by Onion Architects was built for the Sahawat family who needed a place to showcase their collection and passion for Bearbrick. Wall art by Thai artists MMFK and P7 add a playful atmosphere to the rest of the houses neutral tones.

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Located in Aarhus, Denmark the collaborators behind this project changed the original masterplan of closed blocks into 4 buildings with peaks and valleys to represent a iceberg in motion.

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Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan was inspired by Bedouin tents, and other traditional Islamic architecture.
The underside of each dome is designed to look like a plant leaf, with the columns designed to be stems.

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Eligable for the LEED Gold  certification for sustainability and green design, LA based architectural firm Cuningham Group has renovated their new office using such things as outdoor/indoor gardens, light sensors, and shipping containers.

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With clean surfaces and bold graphics Icelands Apótekarinn pharmacy transposed the clean, and uncluttered feeling of hospitals. Interior design by Glámá Kím Architects in conjunction with UK graphic designer Paddy Mills, the space feels purpose driven, without advertising clutter, and aisles dedicated to candy and home decorations.

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Artist and designer John Foster a graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design, created a table formed out of reflective geometric shapes, splashing interiors with colorful prism-like light.

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A modern day tribute to Dieter Ram’s 1973 T3 pocket radio, which can sell for thousands of dollars when found online, is one of the most popular postwar designs created.
Wonderfully minimalist and functional the T3 app has direct access to your library and can be played as a background application.

More about the app here.

Official Opening  Of The Geneva Motor Show SWITZERLAND-AUTO-SHOW Official Opening  Of The Geneva Motor ShowOn Monday, Italian carmaker Lamborghini introduced its Veneno supercar, a 750-horsepower beast whose $3.9 million price tag immediately makes it one of the most expensive cars ever produced, putting the $2.4 million Bugatti Veyron and the McLaren F1 (a mere $1 million, although they’re tough to find) in the shade.

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