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Design studios Bazmark & Like Minded Studio reveal the design process behind the branding of the new movie ‘The Great Gatsby’. With influence from K.H. Schaefer’s art deco design they sought to create a bespoke alphabet that captured the ideals of the ‘Roaring’ 20’s and the richness of Fitzgerald’s masterpiece.

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Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas is now showing American artist Soo Sunny Parks Unwoven Light instillation.

Thirty-seven suspended sculptures, made from welded chain link fencing and iridescent plexiglass make use of the gallery’s natural lighting and light fixtures to “capture the light that is already there and force it to reveal itself.”

Guests are invited to meander around without a set path to follow, allowing for each guest to have a unique experience and view of the pieces with some people standing side by side and having a substantially different view of the installation.

Unwoven Light will be on display until August 30th at Rice Gallery.




Located in Montauk, New York, the area is known for its unpredictable weather patterns, and Genius Loci was built to capture the “Spirit of Montauk”.

The site used to be home to a horse ranch with a lush green pasture, the building is clad in cedar shingles that will naturally weather over time. And a wood screen bridge to connect the two structures.

The interior utilizes large sliding glass doors that make you feel as if you’re outdoors.
Warm woods, balance out the white walls giving it a beach house feel.

More information and the full gallery here.


U.S. architect  firm Gluck + has designed this upstate New York home with a living room that is suspended 9 meters off the ground.

Designed for one of the companies principles, it offers a treetop view of the surrounding area such as the nearby Catskill Park.

The house is glazed on every side to help the home blend in with its surroundings, with the exception of the southern side, with its bright yellow staircase that seems to appear out of thin air.

With an aim to reduce environmental impact, the building has a footprint of 40 sqm. The insulated central core, houses all the wet rooms allowing for it to isolate these rooms for less energy consumption when the house is not in use.

See her for more information on Gluck+ and Tower House.





Renewal of Tsukiji District, by Kenzo Tange was never built,
but remains an icon of Metabolic movement, of the 1960s.

Focused on the idea that cities were “living organisms” and should grow to fit the need of its citizens, they should be planned as such with large geometric shapes and modularizing systems of transportation, civil and business districts eventually becoming a type of “utopian mega city” of the future.




Marina Housing located in Pori, Finland is the first floating village in the country.
Built to LEED certification standards using heat recovering technology, and solar panels to reduce the homes energy intake.

Designed after traditional boat sheds which features extensive use of wood, and black pitch rooftops.

Construction of the homes requires building prefabricated modules to be trucked or shipped to the location,
transferred to heavy load bearing pontoons, and eventually anchored to its final location.

More about Marina Housing here…




Found in Finland’s Hotel Kakslauttanen the igloo village is built from a special thermal glass, creating a nice warm interior for guests even when the weather reaches -30 degrees.
The glass also prevents frosting, so that the view of the night sky and view of the norther lights is never blocked.

The Hotel also also includes an ice chapel, and eight meter tall glass teepee built in the traditional Lapp shape.

More information about the hotel here…

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