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This New York loft conversion by local architect Ali Tayar is divided using bespoke prefabricated panels based on a Swiss modular housing system from the 1960s.

The system is separate from the shell of the building, allowing for all the panels to be dissembled and put into boxes for removal.

For more information about that designer or design please follow the link here.


Created by Big Lazy Robot in Barcelona as a spec film that took over two years to create.

They sought to give the designers free reign in creation that is not usually found in paid projects.

Go to Big Lazy Robot’s website for more information and more video’s done by them.




Vase & Leuchte designed by Miriam Aust, combines to opposing forces of nature and contains them inside a single glass house.
Seeking to present a scientific or artificial environment for plants, she fits the light bulb inside a handblown glass beaker.
When lit the plant roots create a very interesting shadows and add a softer organic element to the more scientific appearance of the vase.

for more information about the designer or object follow the link here.


Mobile homes usually are poorly designed, constructed or inefficient, but these homes show the trend of making the most of smaller homes and utilizing every inch of a floorplan plan.

Follow the link to view Yahoo’s top 10 most interesting homes on wheels here.