Elderly-Persons-Residence-by-Guedes-Cruz-Architects_dezeen_784_8Elderly-Persons-Residence-by-Guedes-Cruz-Architects_dezeen_784_3 Elderly-Persons-Residence-by-Guedes-Cruz-Architects_dezeen_784_10

Alcabideche Social Complex designed by Lisbon office, Guedes Cruz Architects created this space to recreate a modern version of traditional Mediterranean living, which involves integrating public space through use of winding walkways.
The architects also planned each building to be illuminated at night to provide enough light to use the walkways in the evening without the use of additional street lamps. Built into that system is a feature that causes the white lights to turn red if the occupant presses the emergency button, this in turn alerts a central station, as well as neighbours.