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Designed by architectural firm Arup Associates





Constructed in 1903 the building is one of seven libraries in the city built using money donated by Andrew Carnegie.
The library’s new freestanding lift shaft ascends to the first floor was designed as a feature artwork, utilising powder-coated steel cladding depicting the title of some of the staffs favourite seminal literary works.




David Chipperfield’s winning design for Stockholm’s new Nobel Center, makes use of stone features, brass surfacing and opaque glass to perfectly capture the dignity and honor of the Nobel Foundation.

vaulted-willow-marc-fornes-1-800x534 vaulted-willow-marc-fornes-2-800x534

Created by architecture studio THEVERYMAN, this art pavillion located in Edmonton, Canada light weight aluminium shingles to create a self supported structure. To learn more about the project and the design process behind it you can follow the link to their site at THEVERYMANY

Ribbon-Chapel-by-Hiroshi-Nakamura_dezeen_784_18 Ribbon-Chapel-by-Hiroshi-Nakamura_dezeen_784_10 Ribbon-Chapel-by-Hiroshi-Nakamura_dezeen_784_3

The Ribbon Chapel designed by Tokyo architect Hiroshi Nakamura features a twin timber-clad staircases that encircle a central glass chapel that has a view of the nearby Hiroshima coast.

Elderly-Persons-Residence-by-Guedes-Cruz-Architects_dezeen_784_8Elderly-Persons-Residence-by-Guedes-Cruz-Architects_dezeen_784_3 Elderly-Persons-Residence-by-Guedes-Cruz-Architects_dezeen_784_10

Alcabideche Social Complex designed by Lisbon office, Guedes Cruz Architects created this space to recreate a modern version of traditional Mediterranean living, which involves integrating public space through use of winding walkways.
The architects also planned each building to be illuminated at night to provide enough light to use the walkways in the evening without the use of additional street lamps. Built into that system is a feature that causes the white lights to turn red if the occupant presses the emergency button, this in turn alerts a central station, as well as neighbours.


Changi-Airport-Singapore_dezeen_468_1 Slide 1

Construction has begun on architect Moshe Safdie’s Jewel Changi Airport which aims to redefine the aims of airports from transportation hubs towards shared public spaces for local residents and travellers. Inside the dome features a large waterfall that collects rainwater to be reused in the building and a lightshow that will entertain guests.

Domo-Dom-by-Tadeusz-Lemanski Domo-Dom-by-Tadeusz-Lemanski

Located in Kraków, Poland, the front of the house known as Domo Dom is curved dramatically up towards the sky so that Polish architect Tadeusz Lemański could squeeze a garage underneath for the single resident of the space.

fondation-louis-vuitton-f260914-i1 Frank-Gehry-Louis-Vuitton-01 i.2.lvmh-frank-gehry-building-02