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Construction has begun on architect Moshe Safdie’s Jewel Changi Airport which aims to redefine the aims of airports from transportation hubs towards shared public spaces for local residents and travellers. Inside the dome features a large waterfall that collects rainwater to be reused in the building and a lightshow that will entertain guests.


Domo-Dom-by-Tadeusz-Lemanski Domo-Dom-by-Tadeusz-Lemanski

Located in Kraków, Poland, the front of the house known as Domo Dom is curved dramatically up towards the sky so that Polish architect Tadeusz Lemański could squeeze a garage underneath for the single resident of the space.

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Created by growing bacteria collected from Erno-Erik Raitanen’s own body on rolls of traditional film. The process documents a sort of miniature cosmic nebula, while in fact the bacteria are consuming the gelatinous surface of the film.




Created using only stock video from Dissolve, they present the formula (put rather sharply) for creating a sleek, well designed brand video.


Designed by Teresa van Dongen, who studied Biology at the University of Amsterdam, has created a lamp using bacteria that emit a glow when oxygen and movement are introduced to the environment.


Dieter Rams Quotation

Most designers can recite Dieter Ram’s ten principles for good design by heart, but for the uninitiated, they can find all ten commandments at Vitsoe where Dieter Ram was their lead designer.


German Designer Ruben Beckers has created a table that weights only 4.5 kilograms by using a grid system of very thin wooden strips to support the slender table top.

Made of Poplar wood, the legs of the chair made of solid wood are bent into the slots of the grid to connect it to the top section.