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Designed by Lead Pencil Studio the art piece is aptly named ‘Non-Sign II’ which draws attention to the surrounding landscape and environment. Created from stainless steal rod and placed near the Canadian border, the sign downplays the significance of crossing the border.


Martinich-and-Carran-1-Small-Dish Martinich-and-Carran-2-Medium-Dish Martinich-and-Carran-3-Medium-Dish

Handpainted by Rowena Martinich, each one is a unique one-of-a-kind piece. Blurring art and design the ceramics are made of high fired stonware, hand painted and finished with a glossy epoxy resin. Martinich and Carran are two designers who work independently and collaboratively with each other.

LTVs-erno-05LTVs-erno-03 LTVs-erno-08

Created by growing bacteria collected from Erno-Erik Raitanen’s own body on rolls of traditional film. The process documents a sort of miniature cosmic nebula, while in fact the bacteria are consuming the gelatinous surface of the film.


More work by Yan Nascimbene can be seen on his website.



Instead of focusing on the wide photos of galleries or artwork that we are used to seeing, Berlin based von Rauch shows us the fine details of artworks behind the scenes of gallery openings.

Images of art restoration, sculptures in storage, and the details of frames and stretched canvas make it difficult to place the gallery or name the artwork and instead leaves us with abstract images full of textures and somber scenery.

Visit her website for the full gallery of images and other works.



Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas is now showing American artist Soo Sunny Parks Unwoven Light instillation.

Thirty-seven suspended sculptures, made from welded chain link fencing and iridescent plexiglass make use of the gallery’s natural lighting and light fixtures to “capture the light that is already there and force it to reveal itself.”

Guests are invited to meander around without a set path to follow, allowing for each guest to have a unique experience and view of the pieces with some people standing side by side and having a substantially different view of the installation.

Unwoven Light will be on display until August 30th at Rice Gallery.

424307-7_Ranger_stool_in_white_oak_and_steel_powder_coated_cream_by_Scout_Regalia_ 424312-3_Maxwell_lounge_chair_and_ottoman_in_walnut_with_Kvadrat_s_Hallingdal_wool_rayon_in_600_by_Phloem_Studio_ 424310-1_Stereo_console_in_walnut_and_patinated_steel_by_Symbol_Audio_View Slideshow Here 

185_659_dirimart2011_2_web_gross 185_677_dirimart2011_3_web_quer

Dirimart gallery, Istanbul, 2011

newyear3n-3-webnewyear3n-2-webnewyear3n-1-webKam Mak was selected official painter of the annual Chinese New Year’s stamp for the U.S. Postal Service, an honor that he says finally made his Chinese immigrant mother proud of his decision to become an artist.

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“It is then important for me to witness and to enhance the project as a whole.” – Yohan Zerdoun